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KRK Makes A Shocking Petition Against Vikram Bhatt


The most infamous person in the Bollywood Industry right now is Kamaal Rashid Khan and he is again in the negative limelight for hurting the sentiments of Director Vikram Bhatt. Recently, KRK has reviewed Vikram Bhatt’s Film ‘Love Games’ and ‘1920 London’. He reviewed the film so badly that Vikram Bhatt has sent him a legal notice. In his reply, KRK ranted a lot and now he has come up with a serious petition against Vikram Bhatt.


Now you all must be thinking what KRK has done this time? Actually, in the recent past, KRK has reviewed Vikram Bhatt’s movie ‘Love Games’ and made some derogatory remark about it. This is not all, in the last release ‘1920 London’, he again shouted a lot about Vikram Bhatt. KRK even goes to the extent to call him a pimp and the lead actress (1920 London) a whore. A week back when Vikram Bhatt found his daughter sobbing and got to know that the reason behind that was KRK. With no second thought, he filed a defamation case against KRK for defaming him on social media.


Vikram Bhatt even wrote a big letter and posted it on his Facebook about. Since then, infuriated KRK has again started ranting on him. Now at latest, KRK signed a petition against Vikram Bhatt, with a reason of having freedom of speech and verifying his twitter account.


This is not the first time KRK opened cuss words, in the past too he has targeted Alia Bhatt, Bipasha Basu, Karan Johan, Rishi Kapoor and many other top-rated personalities.

Here is the way with KRK and Vikram Bhatt Cold War followed On Twitter:


Here is the Open Letter Of Vikram Bhatt against KRK on Facebook:
This matter between KRK and Vikram Bhatt is more murkier than what we really think it is and only the time will tell that how this will turn into an end.

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