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Kiran Bedi Turns Traffic Police And Teaches Motorist Why Helmet Is Important, Got Praised By Twitterati  

Road safety is a major concern in India. The number of road accidents is rising each year and most of the cases of losing lives in road accidents include people suffering from head injuries. The fatal head injuries have taken so many lives but people are still ignorant about wearing a helmet while riding a bike. The saddest part about this is that people think not wearing a helmet makes him/ her a hero.

The traffic cops of various states are trying their best to teach people the importance of following traffic rules. In order to create awareness about traffic rules and road safety, they are trying various things. From using social media to starting road campaigns, the traffic police are doing all. Just recently, Delhi cops showed mirrors to those who broke traffic rules.

Now, a rather unusual thing has happened in Puducherry. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways conducted a road safety week from February 4 to 10. Governor of Puducherry, former cop Kiran Bedi took it upon herself to teach the citizens of union territory the importance of following traffic rules and wearing helmets.

Kiran Bedi took to Twitter to share a video with a message, “When there’s no culture of wearing a helmet in Puducherry and its CM keeps stalling enforcement & every 3rd day there’s a fatal accident, due to non wearing of a helmet, where does one begin? Give up or take it in one’s own hands as well, alongside challenging enforcement agencies?”

Kiran Bedi also slammed Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy for stalling law enforcement despite the fact that a heavy accident happens every third day. She tweeted,

In another Tweet, she slammed those elected representatives who are protesting against the rule of wearing a helmet.

She concluded her statement with this final Tweet.

Twitterati is also impressed by Kiran Bedi’s effort towards road safety. Check out some selected Tweets down below.

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