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Fans Are Furious At Vogue For HEAVILY Photoshopping Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Photos

Kareena Kapoor is inarguably the most popular actress working in the industry. She makes headlines for whatever she does. Now, the actress is back in the news once again. The actress did a photo shoot with Vogue magazine for January 2018 edition. The picture is astonishing, but you’ll see something odd if you looked at them closely.

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s photos have landed in controversies, just like what happened with Priyanka Chopra’s Maxim cover shot. People were unable to digest how clean her armpits looked in that picture. It has become pretty stupid, as people never hesitate to Photoshop pictures to make it better in a time, where everyone is talking about body shaming and slut shaming.

These unrealistic pictures give very bad examples, as it sets unrealistic standards of beauty. Nowadays, people are talking about women equality and the natural beauty, race and several others.

Check out Kareena Kapoor Khan’s pictures:

Kareena is looking smoking hot in these pictures, but if you look closer, you’ll see something different. Something is too weird that people are unable to digest it completely. This has not gone down well with netizens, as they are slamming Vogue left, right and center. This is how they reacted:

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