Kareena Kapoor Reveals Which Bollywood Actress Is Her Inspiration #GirlLove

International Women Day is round the corner on 8th march 2016 While Famous Bollywood, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger gets candid with some actress of glam world. When she asked them about leading ladies who they love in Bollywood – just so we can spread some more of that #GirlLove!

When we asked Katrina Kaif, she had the nicest things to say about Priyanka Chopra.

Kangana Ranaut, meanwhile, said that she would love to go on a girlie date with Priyanka and Kareena Kapoor Khan!

And at a recent event for Magnum, she gets candid with Bebo and asked her which Bollywood actress she really loves – and why!

Here is what Kareena replied

“Well, I think it would have to be Sridevi. because I have grown up watching her movies and it was always, like, my God -Sridevi! could I ever,

Ever reach that mark or ever be like her ? she ‘ll always be my inspiration”.


Canada’s resident Superwoman is calling on women to spread some #GirlLove in 2016.

Lilly Singh, one of our favourite YouTubers (who also goes by the name IISuperwomanII), decided to use her platform to encourage more love, positivity and support among women and girls to help end “girl-on-girl hate.”

She recruited other celebrities and Internet stars, including Shay Mitchell, Priyanka Chopra, Brittany Furlan and Lindsey Stirling to spread the message along with her. Using the hashtag, they gushed about what they love about women and what a difference it would make if they swapped hate and jealousy for support.

Yo! Girls All Power To Us!!!!

Kareena Kapoor Reveals Which Bollywood Actress Is Her Inspiration #GirlLove

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