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Kapil blames ex girl friend for his bad timing saying she asked 25 lakhs from him !

India’s popular, famous, well known and most loved stand up comedian and now even a Bollywood film actor Kapil Sharma is truthfully just going through a very bad, down falling and a rough phase in his life. The extremely well renowned and loved comedian has not got any sort of a relief from any of the sides since he is now in troubled waters from all the angles.

We all know very well about how Kapil had very recently just got involved in a verbally abusive brawl and a fight with a journalist some days back. Post this another infamous incident and issue, he had also filed a complaint against the journalist and his ex-managers Preeti and Neeti Simoes for apparently just insulting and defaming him in public and also trying to cause him into depression. The complaint that was filed in Marathi language is now finally out online and has been published by Zee News. In the report, Kapil has put some severe allegations and blames against the Simoes sisters.


Have a look over here –


“In the year 2013 roughly around 5 years back, a girl by the name of Anushree was hired on board as a talent manager for my show but after both the Simoes sisters told me and insisted, I had fired her in the year 2016. Preeti and Neeti had told me that Anushree had charged money from the people for coming on the show but once when I got to actually meet her at some programme that time itself she had revealed that the Simoes sisters were actually doing all of it. She had told me that they would charge money from the people who would want to sit in the audience and the rates would be different and vary depending on which row. People who sit in the front row were charged a hefty and exorbitant amount.”

He also said and blamed the Simoes sisters for maligning and ruining his image –

“Preeti and Neeti were responsible as it was their work and job of handling the celebrity guests and also letting me know each and every thing and all the minute details before hand but due to their lack of co-ordination and them not informing me on time, several of the A listers and high profile celebs were left miffed and angry with me. They also tried to create bad fake stories and misunderstandings about me and my other co actors. Due to Preeti and Neeti’s miscommunication problem, I have suffered a lot as many celebs were left sad and upset with me and this hampered and damaged my public image to a great extent. And surprisingly being honest and blunt, all of this was told to me by my ex manager Anushree. I then much later had just realised that the people that I trusted and had immense faith in were actually trying to pull me down by tarnishing and damaging my image and my teammates were actually very fearful and scared to tell me fearing a job loss.”

He further added –

“In 2016, I had actually warned both the Simoes Sisters to improve their work. However, soon after that, we had a huge heated altercation which took form of an argument and the Simoes sisters had then just quit the job. But then they themselves had came back to me after roughly just three days saying that let bygones be bygones and we must work together. Again when I found out that they are trying to pull out nuisance and causing hindrances in my work and after a heated verbal exchange, they again left the show in March 2017.”

He further blamed, claimed and alleged Preeti for literally just threatening him to pay Rs 25 lakhs. He said –

“Soon after their exit, a leading entertainment portal started publishing negative, fake and very false stories about me which was doing its work of hampering, damaging, and just ruining my image in the industry. In September 2017, one of my close friends Gurjot met Preeti in a cafe where they had spoken about me and my work. Gurjot later that day had then told me that in order to take a full on revenge from me, Preeti has leaked the info to the entertainment portals. When my friend Gurjot had asked her not to do such things, she demanded Rs 25 lakh for it. The portal then just continued to carry negative stories about me and it affected my work. In February 2018, I had a face to face confrontation with Preeti at her house and had also humbly just requested her to end all of this nuisance that she has created.”


Kapil said, that Preeti’s reply was –

“You are nothing and probably just a zero without me in this TV and Bollywood films industry and I will not leave you that easily. I will swipe and wipe away you, your existence and name away from both these industries and if you want to end all of this drama, then just pay me Rs 25 lakh. I just had left her house after that.”

The complaint further says –

“Meanwhile, the portal still continued with its negative, baseless, false and fake stories about me and on April 6th I called Preeti but she did not respond. After that, I took the number of the journalist from Neeti, who had whatsapped me the number of that journalist. I called the said guy and soon it became heated argument. I then contacted my lawyer Tanveer Nizam and also decided to file a police complaint for the same. My managers, Preeti and Neeti Simoes have tried to intentionally damage and tarnish my image and hamper my work. They also tried to create many misunderstandings between me and my fellow actors. The journalist spread negative stories about me which affected my mental health. The trio demanded Rs 25 lakh from me and this left me with no choice but to file a police complaint ultimately.”

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