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Kangana Ranaut strongly reacts to Pooja Bhatt’s video post! Check here

As the news of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death shattered and shocked the country, it also gave rise to the debate of Nepotism yet again. Most people on social media have been dragging down star kids and other celebrities like Karan Johar and blaming him for the late actor’s untimely demise.

However, actress Kangana Ranaut has taken a different approach to the situation and addressed it in the most blunt way she could!

Pooja Bhatt recently made a tweet regarding how Kangana debuted in the movie ‘Gangster’ by Vishesh Films. Along with the post, she also uploaded a view of Ranaut receiving an award for her role in the film where she is seen thanking Mukesh Bhatt.

While responding to the video snarkily, Pooja said, “Guess videos lie too? Besides, it takes two to battle. I leave the denials & accusations to more evolved souls. I rather put forth facts!”

After looking at the post the official account of Kangana Ranaut, which is handled by her team responded to the post by saying, “Pooja ji Kangana is thankful to Vishesh films fr launching her but she wants outsiders to be treated better, She is thankful that her ex broke up with her but she wishes it ws done respectfully,She feels fortunate to fnd success in world run by men but she wishes patriarchy ends.”

Now that is one amazing way to put an end to the attempts of people trying to drag her down.

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