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Just To Prove It’s A Girl, The Doctor Cuts Baby’s Private Part When A Boy Was Born

The world is a very tough place, especially if we look at crimes. Crimes are increasing with every passing day. From Corruption to crimes against women, newspapers are filled with such news every day. We often think that we can’t stop crimes, but we should try to control it. There are some crimes, which force us to think if humanity really exists!

In a shocking turn of events, a newborn baby lost its life in the most unfortunate way. The baby dies after a fraud doctor cut baby’s genitals.

The fraudster wanted to prove that the newborn baby is a girl. So when the baby was a boy, he cut his private part without even thinking twice. The doctor had told the kid’s parents that it is a girl before the baby was born (after ultrasound).

When his prediction came out wrong after a boy was born, he tried to prove that he was right by cutting the baby’s genitals thinking that the parents won’t know. He told parents that a girl was born, but she had deformities. The baby died few minutes after its genitals were cut.

This unfortunate incident happened in a nursing home in Jharkhand on 24th of April. Police have identified fraudster as Anuj Kumar. An FIR has been filed against the quack.

The mother was admitted to the hospital when she was 8 months pregnant. As quack had already told them it’s a girl, the family opted for a C-Section. They even paid Rs. 5000, 50 percent of delivery charges to the imposter.

Quack Anuj Kumar had fled after this incident.

The source was quoted saying,

“The doctor accused in the case did not have any registration or license under the PNDT Act. He would scout for couples looking to know the gender of the foetus and get an ultrasound done at the clinic of some of his associates.”

It is really sad and beyond imagination! How can anyone do such things? There should be severe punishments to such quacks so that they won’t commit such things in future.

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