The Juice Magazine Cover Model Elena Fernandes Reveals Her Fitness Mantra

Bollywood Actress and Supermodel Elena Roxana Maria Fernandes has broken the myths and crossing the boundaries of limits in her life.  At latest, she is on the cover page of Jabong’s ‘The Juice Magazine’ where she elaborated a lot about her fitness mantra for the fans.


At recent, Elena made her big debut in Bollywood with Karan Johar’s intense ‘Kapoor & Sons‘ and was also a part of Naseeruddin Shah’s flick ‘Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein’. Apart from movies, she is one of the best-known models in the fashion Industry and recently won ‘Asia’s Supermodel Of The Year’.

 Elena-3 To achieve such a big feet, it needs a sheer dedication and planned goals to follow. As a supermodel, she had also taken a lot of care of her diet and health. In the latest interview to Juice Magazine, she revealed a lot about her fitness tips, which will definitely help the upcoming models.


Here’s what Elena said in an interview to ‘The Juice Magazine’ when she was asked about her workout routine, “I’ve always been athletic and sporty and used to be the captain of my school’s sports team. I train with Harrison James of MFT Training and he makes me do a military-style workout, like pushing massive tyres and boxing. I lift heavy weights. I’ve also started pilates, which has introduced an element of calm to my regime.”


She also added, “I am not too keen on gyms. In London, I train with Reza Katani but he uses gym equipment in a fun way. He makes me do squats on the treadmill at the slowest speed! When I’m travelling, I fit in a 30-minute run as it also gives me the chance to explore the city. Sports and fitness have kept me sane, especially in a crazy city like Mumbai.”


Well, that isn’t that difficult for the one who really wants to be fit like Elena Fernandes. She also explores her Diet secret to the magazine, “I’ve always followed the Paleo diet. So I have sugarcane instead of processed sugar, sea salt in place of processed salt and fresh meat and vegetables cooked in coconut oil. But that doesn’t mean I don’t eat junk food. I don’t like to deprive my body, so I give it what it wants but in moderation. I’m a grazer, I eat throughout the day, every two or three hours. There’s a lot of protein in my diet – eggs with yolk for breakfast, dal or kidney beans for lunch and fish for dinner. And I snack on granola bars, bananas and nuts. I drink at least three bottles of water a day and lime soda after my run at the Mahalaxmi racecourse. I don’t do drugs, drink or smoke. I only drink lots of water.”


So now we know what makes Elena Fernandes a supermodel. She is truly inspirational for those who wanted to be fit and healthy. We really wish her the best for her upcoming endeavours.

Source: The Juice Magazine

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