John Abraham Walks Out Of ‘Comedy Nights Bachao’!

Krushna Abhishek has done it again. He’s miffed yet another Bollywood actor who like Tannistha Chatterjee has staged a walkout from the show. John Abraham who was on ‘Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza’ this week to shoot for a promotional episode for ‘Force 2’ staged an immediate walkout after Krushna’s jokes offended him.

John had Sonakshi Sinha with him and after a round of gibberish jokes from Krushna, the actor refused to shake a leg with the comedian and his ‘Force 2’ co-star on stage.

Krushna confirmed the development and said, “I was cracking jokes on his earlier films like ‘Paap’. That’s when he told me that those were his favourite films.”

It was then he noticed that John was visibly upset. “Sometime later, when he refused to shake a leg with Sonakshi and me on stage, I realised that he was upset. He soon walked out and I ran after him, but he left. I want to apologise to him; I haven’t slept since the last few days because of this. I specially flew down from my shoot in Kulu Manali because John had agreed to be on the show. I hope he understands and forgives me… John and I have known each other for many years now and he is the only Bollywood actor who called me when my father passed away recently. I am really sad that I upset him,” Krushna told a daily.

This happens a month after Tannistha Chatterjee too walked out of the show, after Krushna made some racist remarks about her skin tone. We wonder what’s wrong with Krushna and his CNB team!

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