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Lok Sabha TV Appoints Journalist Jagrati Shukla Who Justifies The Sikh Massacre In 1984

Central government run Lok Sabha TV has appointed controversial journalist Jagrati Shukla, who once advocated for “genocide in Kashmir” and justified the massacre of Sikhs during the year 1984. Her twitter account is filled with hateful tweets posted by her and apparently, she is among one of the journalists appointed by Government of India run channel Lok Sabha TV.

She had earned a lot of negative comments because of her negative tweets. Shukla thanked people who had congratulated her for her new position. In a couple of tweets, her participation in a Lok Sabha Mother’s Day special program called ‘Bharat Ki Aawaj’ was found.

Jagrati’s name had also appeared on selection list on Lok Sabha TV website for the position of Assistant Producer. As there’s no ‘Jagriti Shukla’ in the provisional list, it seems to be a typographical error and the person selected is Jagrati Shukla.

After clashes between security forces and Kashmiri citizens had intensified, Shukla had tweeted in 2016, If we need to commit genocide in Kashmir valley to get rid of all these terrorists and their aides, then lets do it,”

The tweets were deleted by Shukla. The content which she had post on Twitter and Facebook accounts is often laced with hatred towards Muslims, Dalits and liberals.

You can have a glance at the tweets posted by her :

Journalist around the world are not known to work with certain political/ideological preferences.

But here a journalist has expressed unabashedly exhibited bigotry and hate on social media on numerous occasions. It is shocking that Lok Sabha TV which is operated by elected representatives and is an important broadcasting part of the Government has appointed Jagrati Shukla.

Now here account has been suspended as it violates the twitter rules.

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