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Jacqueline on performing with Salman Khan at Da-Bangg Reloaded: You really have no idea what he is going to do

Since ‘Kick’, Jacqueline Fernandez shares a great rapport with Salman Khan. After Kick once again they collaborated for Race 3 who is breaking big Bollywood records by each passing day. Salman along with gorgeous Bollywood divas like Jacqueline, Daisy Shah, Katrina Kaif and Sonakashi Sinha is on Da-bangg tour which started with a bang in Atlanta, Chicago and now in Los Angles. Audience present at the event has been sharing video clips of the event from which we can sense out that team is having blast on tour.

Recently a media portal got in touch with Jacqueline where actress couldn’t stop herself from giving all the credit to Salman Khan for giving her great opportunity, trusting her and bringing best out of her.

“I actually have to say that’s all him though. There’s so much energy that he brings to every single shot. You do kind of encounter that with a few actors; like I have definitely experienced that. With him, it’s just…I don’t know. I see the entire set light up every time he comes, on set, or he is behind the camera I see the DOP smiling, I see the director or the choreographer getting all charged up…it’s same for us you know everyone gets excited to be there, work with him. He brings so much to the table”, said the actress.

On being asked how she get rid off stage fear, actress shared her mantra of beating stage fear-

“I say a prayer actually, to get me through this, remember my steps and I think you need to compose yourself before you go up on stage because there are so many people.  The major fear is about blanking out which I think most of us face but it’s all just about composing yourself and telling yourself a thousand times that you know this, you got this, you know your steps and then you go up there and just say like listen I need to have a great time right now,” said Jacqueline.

From the same tour we heard the buzz stating that something is not right between Katrina Kaif and Jacqueline Fernandez. TOI stated in its reports that two shared a cold vibes during the Da-bangg tour. Even the organizers of the show has accommodated them on two different floors of the hotel.

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