Iulia Vantur Shuts the People Just Through A Single Comment

Iulia Vantur is currently the main focus of many people seen with intense scrutiny by them. Seen accompanying Salman Khan almost everywhere, she is tagged as the actor’s alleged girlfriend. Several individuals have their own diverse theories to clarify why she is or can be the perfect one for their Sultan actor.

For a past few days, a quote from the Romanian model was in the rounds and making it to the headlines of several tabloids as well as being on the title of several articles. The quote was “friends means friends, not love”, stating that Salman Khan and she are just friends.


But the recent trips to the house of Salman and meeting the people of the Khandaan, are more than sufficient to ignite the flame of rumors that something is on between them.


On a recent picture that she shared on her official Instagram account, a handful number of fans initiated the talks regarding her statement, how she driveled the reports of her alleged relationship with Salman.


Fans asked her why doesn’t she accepts the love she has for the actor as being in his country for so long.

Iulia Vantur seeing the flood of such comments stepped in and silenced everyone with just one comment, she said When the press doesn’t have new subjects they take very old interviews, just to have titles. Copy- paste era.

She was referring to the interview that was given by her in 2013 to a newspaper that is in her home country. You can see the truth in the screenshot below that shows what she said actually and what it meant.


Murtaza Rangwala

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