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The Episode starts with Nivedita telling Ragini that she is sure that Neil is in the same cupboard, and says she saw her children reaction. Ragini says okay and says she will open the cupboard. She asks her to promise if she is wrong, then she has to pack her bags and leave from her life. She says if Neil is inside, then we all know what you will do. If Neil is not found then I will tell the investigating officers that you are harassing me and my kids. She is about to open the cupboard, but Nivedita stops her and says don’t think I have lost it. Ragini talks to her bluntly and says she will not get tea and coffee. Nivedita leaves.

All the kids hugs Ragini. Pam and RK come and see Nivedita leaving. Pam says your face is showing that your work is not done. Nivedita says she will find him. Ranbir comes and tells someone is insulted today and tells she made joke of herself. Pam says you are lucky and tells that she went to the Police station. Nivedita says little time is left for the interview and says she will win as she has many proofs against her. Pam thinks why you are playing game when you have audio proof, and thinks how to delete the audio proof from her. Ragini opens the cupboard and Neil comes out and says he was sweating inside. Ragini says she was tensed too. Neil asks how did you get confidence today, and I was wondering how can Nivedita didn’t catch your lie? He says you can’t lie. Ragini asks if he is taunting or praising her. Neil says seriously you have saved me today.Nishi tells her siblings that Ragini saved Neil, and wishes she becomes like him. Karthik tells that Nivedita will come tomorrow to take Neil’s interview.

Nivedita comes to Aman and tells I went to Ragini’s home today. I have a doubt that Neil is in the house, and was insulted by Ragini. Aman says it is not right to enter someone’s house without legal orders. Nivedita says we have to do the investigation tomorrow only. Aman asks her not to take her in her planning and says it was his helplessness to join the investigating team.

Sunny Tai gives almond milk to Ragini, and asks her to drink to have strength. Nishi and Agam ask Neil about his anniversary, and asks him to tell the instances. Neil and Ragini recall their courtship period and married days. Suhani tells Ragini that Neil was finding his name in her mehendi. Agam says you took mom on cycle. A song plays………………tu tu hai wahin………………Ragini says they have lost so many years. Neil thinks there might be many memories if they were together for 18 years.

Aarav tells Jignesh that he got this cup because of him. He says it was gifted to him by Shilpa, and says it was very precious. Just then Ranbir comes and collides with Aarav, thus breaking the cup. Aarav gets angry and blames him for coming between him and Shilpa. Ranbir says I didn’t do anything intentionally. Aarav is still angry and leaves.

Later at night, Ragini sees Suhani sleeping on desk and takes out her specs. She thinks she looks cute while sleeping. She gives pillow to Agam. Chandan ka Palna plays………….Ragini thinks she is feeling good looking at the angels, looking at their confidence. She thinks her children are supporting them. Nishi wakes up and asks why she didn’t sleep yet. Ragini says she was not getting sleep. Nishi asks did you talk to Aman. Ragini tells Aman was saying that he was part of investigating team, as he want new technology for his hospital. She says there is no case of domestic violence, so what they will proof. She is sure that they will win.

Nivedita thinks she always think about stupid Khanna family. She hears the audio clip of Neil and thinks it makes her feel of her win. She thinks Neil and Ragini will be separated when this audio clip is heard by all. She says Neil will be saved and thinks he did trouble her. She thinks she would have accepted his children also. She says Pam said that Neil will not ask for help. She thinks Neil will beg and bend infront of her asking her to get back to his life. She says she won’t come back in his life and has only one motive that to ruin him.


Nivedita questions Ragini. Ragini speaks that married couple do forgive each other, and says you will not understand this. Nivedita looks on.

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