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Interview with Sarbjit Movie Producer Jackky Bhagnani

One of the most awaited film of the year, ‘Sarbjit’ Movie is releasing in the next few weeks. The trailer has already engaged the audience with its intense emotions.  The songs are also mixed of feelings and love. With the story we can easily relate to the pain of the characters.

Randeep Hooda, who is essaying the role of Sarbjit, looks quite promising in the skin of the character. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who is playing the role of Sarbjit sister Dalbir Kaur, seems brilliantly in the released trailer. The film is director by ‘Mary Kom’ fame Omung Kumar and produced by Vashu Bhagnani along with Bhushan Kumar, Sandeep Singh, Deepshikha Deshmukh, Krishan Kumar, Jackky Bhagnani, and Omung Kumar.

We lately got a hold over with a charismatic personality and also the producer of the film, Jackky Bhagnani. In an interview with Filmymantra, he revealed a lot about the inside stories of the movie and his emotional connect with the movie.


Here are the excerpts from the Exclusive Interview:
Q.1 You are very famous for your Youth-oriented movies and we always get a very nice message from the movies. As as this is your debut production so tell us what message this movie is giving?

Ans: The message in the film is …You Know this film is about the man who is innocent and who is in the jail. This film has a message of humanity. Sometimes people get caught for a political reason or for no reasons in another country. This kind of things happen not only in India or Pakistan, all over in the world this is happening, where people get caught for no reasons. We tried to deal fairly with all of them with this movie. Unfortunately Yes, This film is about Sarbjit who is an Indian guy stuck in Pakistan, so that’s the only aspect. There are lot of people ask me and the crew that will this film will work in Pakistan. This film does not show Pakistan in bad light. This film shows the system in the bad light because there are people there who trying to help Sarbjit but the system is not allowing them to get him out of there.

Q. 2 There are many people going through these things in a life….

Ans: Yes, we have Kirpal Singh ji who passed unfortunately and Hamid Ansari, who was caught because he was trespassing for the love of his life. And he is still there. He should be in the jail only for three months because of normal tress passing but he is there for so many years. There are a lot of people like that.

Q. 3 So it’s your debut production. Acting and production. How is the change and how you feel as a Producer finally?

Ans: It’s great actually because I have been working in the production teams for ‘Pooja Films’ for almost 12 years of my life. But this is a full-fledged film as a producer and taking credit for it and it’s great. At the end of the day, any aspect of filmmaking is interesting as off course acting is my first job and I enjoy that mostly. In my sister and me, she is the business mind and I am the creative mind of how different can we make it? How can we do the things with marketing? How can we reach the people? How can we market the people is also important.

Q.4. Your Dad is also a Producer. So what did you learned from him and how did you execute those things in your movie as a producer?

Ans: As I already said it. A film like ‘Sarbjit’ has already went to lot of producers and rejected because it could be a film that might not get a commercial success. That’s what they thought but my sister and me decided to do this film. He was a visionary to see that in us and backed us and said go ahead. At the end of the day, he is a boss. If he would say no then maybe we would have not been able to do.

Q.5 There has been producers who rejected this movie, It’s very sad….

Ans: Continued: But there are stories like a lot of successful films. If you hear those stories. So many actors left the film, so many producers don’t want to make the film. Rocky Balboa aka Sylvester Stallone has sold his dog. So, all great stories have big history behind them. So he is a visionary and that was he taught us. He always believed whatever you do, you do it to the fullest with full passion. Success and failure will come or not come but you should leave no stone unturned.

Q.6 Why Sarbjit only as a project. How did the idea come in your mind?

Ans: Actually the idea didn’t come in my mind. It was Omung Kumar who narrated the film to us. Both my sister and me thought that this is the film to start with. Even as an actor I was tempting to be a part of this film but this film had all the actors has already been locked. As I said earlier, not every film might have a space for me as an actor. Now a days, there are people multitasking today, Doing various thing. We wanted our film to carve a niche and we thought that Sarbjit is an apt film to debut us as a producers. It’s a great content. It’s a story of man, who is innocent. This is a story where every Indian will be proud of and this is a film above commercial gains also.

Q.7 How was the casting of the film is done. How did you know that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the part…

Ans: The complete casting credit goes to Omung Kumar ji. He has produce us just great of whatever he has said. We just went with his suggestions and the complete credit goes to him. It is nice as it is a very unique casting. You will not even imagine that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is doing the Dalbir Kaur and Randeep is Sarbjit. So it’s great where Aishwarya and Randeep coming together is a very unique combination. So the casting credit goes to Omung Kumar.

Q.8 why didn’t you acted in the movie. I was really expecting you to be in the movie?

Ans: As I said it’s a great film. I love the film and Omung Kumar as a Director. I really have a lot of respect him. He was supposed to launch me as an actor and I waited for 8 years. He and me have a commitment and someday I will do his film as an actor but this was not the film. I feel that what Aishwarya Rai has done, What Randeep has done, What Richa has done as actors. I think no other actor would be like what they had done. So I think every film has a destiny. So maybe I was destined to be credited as a producer.

Q. 9. So can we expect you as a Producer and Actor in your own film?

Ans: Honestly, for example ‘Youngistaan’. Technically I was doing everything as a produce. It’s just like I didn’t take a credit for this. Now deep down I feel I should have because I been working in the company for 12 years. I always use to shy away for taking the credit as a producer because I use to feel I am an actor and I shouldn’t be the producer.  But you grow, you get evolved and now that I think It could have been better if I took credit. As It shows that I am in control and I know what’s happening.

Q.10. What do you enjoy more like Acting or Producing?

Ans: Acting. Even production I see it from a creative point, as an actor point of view. Even thinking of marketing. It’s about how can we connect? It’s not just number, it’s like if we make the right connect, right noise, the number will form. So I think that actor in me would never get out.

Q. 11. After acting, it’s producing. What’s next?

Ans: As of now it’s acting and producing. But Yes, five years back if you told me when will I producing. In the next five-year, I would say no. So you can never say never.

Q.12. It seems by looking at you that you are a good singer or a player. So anything like that as of your mind now?

Ans: I play cricket but I am not a good singer.

Q. 13. We just wish if you sing any two lines of any of your song for us? Even Sange marmar?

Ans: No, not that but yes. Tum pass aaye, Yun muskuraye, Tumne na jaane kya, Sapne dikhaye….

Q. 14. How’s it working with Omung Kumar?

Ans: He is a very very talented director. He was the number one production designer of the country anyways. So you see his vision, he can put out there on sets. His every frame is so correct and if its jail and it actually looks like a jail. That also a big part of being a director because it’s a visual medium. Lot of time what happen is you took great scripts but some directors may be can’t put that on celluloid but they have in their head. So, Omung Kumar has that advantage. He is a great guy, a simple guy and his heart is in the right place. He wants to make good films. He want to tell good stories and that’s what is most important to be a successful director.

Q. 15. Which is the favorite part of yours in this movie ‘Sarbjit’. The part you relate to?

Ans: I connect with the whole film. The sense of enlightenment, the hope, the disbelief of whom I am actually seeing them, they had given up hope, his feet has fungus, his bones are coming out, the family can’t recognize him but obviously they know it’s him. It has too many emotions and I feel Omung Kumar has recreated that in a very beautiful way. Because it can be too boring, it can be too depressive or it can be too fake, what he has done is absolutely bang on.

Q. 16. Do you think that Sarbjit as a movie would thrash all the Biopics on Indian Cinema so far now?

Ans: I don’t think that’s our intention. We are not here to thrash anyone, we are not here to outdo any other film. We are here to make good film and do justice to Sarbjit’s story and to their family. And at the same time say the story in a way which is engaging enough for the audience. It’s not just boring and depressing, because there are high time also in Sarbjit’s life. That’s what our aim is and we are not competing with any other.

Q. 17. Your movies are always choosy and always have a message, for youth for parents and for everyone. So what’s exactly you want to put in the people’s mind through Sarbjit and through your movies?

Ans: It’s never an intention that I try to say a message through a film. It’s just being by default or coincidence that most of the films I did had a message in them. We as a filmmakers and actors, if we can. Cinema is a very strong tool. Cricket and Cinema in India is a very strong tool and people are influenced by that. By cricket consciously and by films subconsciously. So if we say a message. It really hits deep down to the audience. So if the message is good, I am entertaining the people, I am entertaining the audience and earning money out from there and doing a good deal for the society. That’s not the intention, Its just happened like strong message in Sarbjit also and it was never the intention.Q. 18. We heard that Salman Khan was a part of this movie?

Q. 18. We heard that Salman Khan was a part of this movie?

Ans: I don’t know that. At least when we came in Salman Khan was never a part of this film.


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