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I got dirty and abusive remarks on my pics :I am not Parvati in real life !!!


Sonarika Bhadoria known for playing Parvati on TV show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev was trolled recently for posting her bikini photos on social media.


Although she deleted the pictures at first, she decided to re-post them. She says ” I received dirty and abusive comments for my pictures . People got really personal , they even tagged my mother and brother. They should understand what I do on screen is my profession. I am not Parvati in real life.


The show ended some two years ago and if people are clinging on to that image it won’t work. The internet gives people the power to vent their frustration and they feel that they won’t be caught .Even when I was part of the show, my producers never had a problem with what I did on social media. Every guy a know has a bare-bodied picture as their profile picture and nobody cares. And when an actress does it,they call her names.”

Credit : Bombay Times


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