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Did Hritik Roshan really propose Kangana Ranaut

Did Hritik Roshan really propose Kangana Ranaut

Social media is stormed with Kangana and Hrithik rivalry. Both are involving with each other over various court cases. Now reportedly there is a new twist in this love hate relationship. Accordingly Kangana’s close friend concede to the daily the details of how it all started between Kangana and Hrithik,and how the actor just after his divorce, proposed the QUEEN actress for ‘marriage in Paris’

Here we come to know that Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut’s so-called affair might be a thing of the past but the minute of their fling are being admitted in public today as both are fighting an awful war of words and slapping each other with legal notices.

Now this story takes a shocking turn when media revelation made by Kangana’s close friend to a leading tabloid.

“It started out as a friendship between two people who were both going through a rough patch, during the shooting of Kites in 2009. His marriage was in trouble and his relationship with his Kites co-star, Mexican model-actress Barbara Mori, wasn’t working out. Kangana was going through troubles of her own and they found solace in each other’s company and became good friends”

Reportedly they grew close when Hrithik started convincing her for his home production movie Krrish 3 in which she has played a negative role.Said the friend, “Even though Kangana’s career was not exactly shining at the time, she said no to Hrithik. She felt rather uncomfortable with the attention he was showing.”

After delaying him for six months, Kangana finally said yes for the film and that is how it all began. Adds the friend, “That’s when they got into a relationship after he confided in her that he and his wife (Susanna) slept in separate bedrooms. However, Kangana could never talk about the relationship openly as Hrithik had told her categorically that he would never divorce Susanne.”

Knowing that this affair would always remain secretive and didn’t have a future, much like her solo trip in Queen, Kangana took off to Milan for a shopping spree once the shoot of Krrish 3 wrapped up

She was taken by surprise when in December 2013, Hrithik called up and informed her about his divorce with wife Sussanne. Kangana was in Switzerland whereas Hrithik was in the US. “She was on top of the world as he also told her he wanted to marry her after the divorce,” Kangana’s friend said. But doubts cropped up in her mind. She didn’t know whether Hrithik was serious or not. She kept saying that maybe he wanted to be with her on the rebound,” the friend pointed out to the daily.

o do away with her doubts, Hrithik proposed to Kangana in Paris, the city of love. “After meeting his parents in London he flew over to meet her in the French capital. He had brought the ring along. This was the proposal: ‘You may think this is coming out of a rebound. But I have no doubts about our future happiness because you are the only person who has never judged me. And I have felt a strong connection with you from Day One’, he told her,” says the friend.

“In December 2013, Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan had made their split public and in January 2014 he asked her to marry him,which raised doubts in Kangana’s mind about whether Hrithik was proposing on the rebound. After the assurance, she said “yes”. She had to,” reasoned the friend.

But after that, the relationship only went downhill.

“In the first week of February, soon after he resumed shooting for Bang, Hrithik stopped communicating with her. Kangana took off for a vacation in New York where she heard rumours about his growing closeness to his Bang Bang costar Katrina Kaif. On February 14, she confronted him about the rumours when Hrithik called her and asked him to be honest with her. He only wanted to know if anyone was aware of the engagement. When Kangana told him that she had informed her family about it, he said that she had misunderstood his intentions,” the friend said.

“That is when Kangana realized that it was not ‘the relationship’ she was looking for and that her groom ran away before reaching the mandap and hence she decided to move on,” said the friend to the tabloid”.


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