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Hrithik Thinks Separation is worse than death on life post divorce

by Murtaza Rangwala

Over the past year, since he separated from now ex-wife Sussane, Hrithik Roshan has been constantly questioned about his feelings on the breakup. The star has been cagey, dodging a response by quoting philosophical statements. However, in a recent interview to a leading film magazine, the hunky actor dropped the brave front he has been putting up since his divorce. Hrithik’s one line “ Separation is worse than death” bears witness to the pain he has been suffering, and reveals his true feelings on the subject. However, Duggu seems to have come out stronger from the entire episode and other quotes that he recently gave a daily say volumes on how much he has moved on. When asked if recent events had been tough, Hrithik said “In a way, yes. But it has been very enlightening too. It has also been very easy because once you overcome the toughest challenge, the rest of the things become really simple. It has actually been quite simple and easy.” He also said that he had turned his problems around by channelizing his feelings and using them in a productive way.

What do you think folks? We really admire how honest Hrithik has been with sharing his emotions and wish him luck all the way!

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