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Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan Just LEAKED A Clause From Her Contract, Know Full Story

Hina Khan is literally one of the strongest and confident contestants in the Bigg Boss 11 house. Popular TV actress has been making lots of headlines lately. She is always confident that she will go through the nominations pretty easily. In the last night’s episode, Hina was seen talking to Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi, where she said that she will be helpless if both of them also leave the house.

According to a new Tweet from the very credible source, Hina’s contract says that she will stay in the show until the finale. Hina’s statement on Priyank and Luv also shows her confidence. The actress knows that she will go to the finale of the show. It is a very big and shocking revelation, as no one was expecting such things.

A trustworthy entertainment reporter Salil Sand has tweeted about the same. His Tweet reads, ” #BiggBoss11: the highlight of the day: #HinaKhan tells #PriyankSharma and #LuvTyagi that it will be tough to stay in the #BiggBoss house once they are gone. #Hina you were not to disclose this openly that you had this written in your contract that you will stay on till the finale.” If you have not noticed, you should watch this particular conversation again to know, what we are talking about.

Since this tweet has come out, Hina Khan’s supporters are thrashing the reporter left, right and center. However, haters are saying that Hina is going to win the show due to her performance. Now, we wonder what is the truth!

As we don’t have any proof about the same, we can’t say much about this whole new development. We are not going to take sides, as we don’t have much knowledge. Nevertheless, it is a big revelation for everyone.

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