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Here’s What The Color Of The Urine Says About Your Body 

 So what is urine? it is normal urine with 95% water. The remaining is a rather complicated brew of urea, sodium, chloride, creatinine, potassium and more dissolved ions, along with a combination of other organic plus inorganic compounds.


Colorless urine is a sign of over-drinking of water.  It is not actually dangerous as dehydration, it is lighter in weight.  Drinking too much water can dilute necessary salts and generates a chemical imbalance in our blood.
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2. Pale, Straw Colored 

Good! Whatever you’re doing, well, keep doing it. This color shows a healthy and well-hydrated individual’s urine.

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Dark Yellow 

This is also good, but it’s best if you drink some more water. It is under-hydrated, your body is yet functioning normally because that’s how awesome a survival machine it is. Go, get some H2O.

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Not good. You’re most probably dehydrated. It is a warning, most popular health websites may recommend gulping more water in response to the above-mentioned colors, assistant professor of medicine and nephrologist at UC San Diego Health, Dr. Dena Rifkin M.D., recommends exercise.

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light orange shows dehydration. It could also be a result of liver problems, food dye consumption or also excessive vitamin B intake.

Dark orange can be a symptom of severe dehydration, (read: muscle breakdown), (read: mild liver disorder) or even jaundice.

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6. Pink 

When your urine is in the pink shade it might be an alarm. This may actually be a product like blueberry consumption. Hence, “If you’ve eaten beets and have urine color changes, you do not need to see a doctor,” says Dr. Rifkin.

 7. Red 

This color could be a sign for many conditions. Hematuria is a doctor-speak for blood in the urine, and it can be idiopathic, a symptom of a tumor or infection in your urinary tract, or a kidney stone.

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