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Here’s what the celebrities have to say over GST Removal from Sanitary Pads!

Menstrual Hygiene is a topic everybody in the country wants to emphasize upon, it being a very important and a needed one at the hour! Post the movie Padman, the number of such attempts in creating Menstrual Hygiene awareness amongst women in areas where literacy is far beyond reach is something the big faces aim at doing! On Saturday, women across the country rejoiced as finally, sanitary pads were removed from the GST list. Back in July, 2017, sanitary pads were taxed at 12% under the goods and service tax, which was a tax primarily for things considered a luxury. There was a huge protest led out in the context which finally ended fruitfully!

“After a year-long campaign GST on sanitary napkins has finally been abolished! Feminine hygiene is now tax free in India! Lives will be saved!”

Manushi Chhillar on the removal of GST said,

“When a girl understands that her body is a gift and doesn’t limit her in any way is when she will truly feel empowered. The revised GST on sanitary pads will surely make more girls feel that their needs are respected and menstruation doesn’t limit them in any way.”

Mallika Sherawat wrote, “It’s a step in the right direction. Sanitary pads are a neces”

There are many more products that need to be exempted from the GST list! But this truly seems to be a great beginning of a better India! Do you agree?

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