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Here’s Salman’s Strategy To Rake 200 Crore Box-Office Collection From Sultan!

Bollywood heart-throb Salman Khan is all set to show his wrestling moves in the upcoming film ‘Sultan’. But the major problem with the film remains that will it rake a big moolah at the Box-Office or it again turn out to be a failure affair like most of the other movies released this year. When Salman was being questioned about the expected collection from Sultan, this is how the Dabangg Khan reacted on it.


Salman Khan is the only actor in the Bollywood, whose last 7 films has been managed to rake up more than 100 crore at the Box-Office. Even Salman’s flop film like ‘Jai Ho’ able to cross the 100 crore mark and this proves his popularity among masses. But this year was not a good year for Bollywood movies as audience has manly stayed away from the Hindi movie because they have an alternate option of Hollywood movies and the other reason would be maximum tickets prices of Hindi movie. These reasons have led the people to shift their thoughts to watch Hollywood movies or wait for the TV premiere of the Hindi movies.


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