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Hasan Ali ‘ s Wicket Celebration Goes Horribly Wrong, Twitter Trolls Him Like Never Before

Pakistani cricket team is known for its powerful and lethal pace attack. On top of that those fast bowlers often have a unique way of celebrating whenever they take a wicket. The same thing can be said for Hasan Ali, who has the most unique wicket-taking celebrations you’ll see in modern cricket. His trademark celebration also has a name and called “Bomb Explosion”.

However, Hasan Ali would have never thought that he would have to see this day due to his celebration style. It is the perfect example of the celebration gone horribly wrong. This incident happened during the 2nd ODI between Pakistan and Zimbabwe. After taking a wicket, Pakistani pacer went for his trade-mark celebrations style but pulled his neck muscle in the process.

Hasan Ali soon stopped celebrating and went down holding his neck. Due to the neck muscle pull, it had become stiff. This shocking incident has left fans wondering about how one can get injured while celebrating. Even Pakistani captain Sarfraz Ahmed was trying hard to control his laughter.

Watch The Video:

Netizens are having a field day, after all, Hasan Ali has given them a reason to troll him. They are doing exactly the same by trolling him mercilessly. Check out some of the best Tweets regarding the same down here.

This is a really funny incident, don’t you agree? Hope it doesn’t happen to him next time.

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