Guys Use Snapchat Filter To Pose As Girls On Tinder, What Happens Next Is Unbelievable

Social media is one of the best platforms to take your minds off. After all, it has so many things to refresh your minds. Snapchat which was launched in 2011 came to prominence only in 2014. Since then, Snapchat has been a go to social media platforms for its various amazing features like 24-hour stories and the filters. Snapchat offers several filters that allow users to take their pictures in a different way. One can find many pictures with the dog filter showing their tongues out.

However, the latest filter from Snapchat is a bit interesting, to say the least. The new Snapchat filter allows you to gender-sway. Yes, with this filter a guy can look like a girl and vice-versa. This filter is getting lots of attention from its users, who are using it for various reasons. Look at some of the selected people using this filter down below:

Some of the men have found the weirdest use for this filter, as they use it to prank their girlfriends.

Most of them are just looking to take pictures, whereas some of them even used on Tinder for dating. Some guys are using this filter to create a female profile on Tinder. However, boys learned pretty valuable lessons from it. From receiving s3xual messages to being flooded with messages, they are also facing the same issues. Some of the boys who posed as a girl on Tinder have shared their experience on Twitter.

The internet is a pretty weird place!