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Gaurav replaced SRK In 13 Of His Iconic Movie Scenes!

SRK’s replica Gaurav in his latest ‘Fan’ movie is becoming so popular now that we are even re-imagining him in Shah Rukh’s earlier films. What if instead  Gaurav replaced SRK in all his leads in his biggest hits?  Now you must be really imagining about Gaurav in all of SRK’s Blockbuster hits. So don’t worry, have a look on our amazing imaginations where Gaurav replaced SRK in his famous movies iconic pictures, which one you like most?

SRK is ruling the B-town from years. We as audience has and will always love him. The buzz is SRK’s replica Gaurav is the talk of the town after releasing the movie Fan. Well, our wild imagination cant stop and thus we have created amazing pictures wherein Gaurav replaced SRK in some of his iconic hit movies. So stop by and check out the out standing pictures, Enjoy!!

1.Gaurav is so excited after Kajol delivers him a kiss !

gaurav replaced srk

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