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Furious Shreya Ghoshal SLAMMED Airline For Not Allowing a Musical Instrument, Netizens Extends Support

We have seen many instances showing airline not taking care of its customers properly. Many celebrities have also lashed out the airlines for their forgetful experiences. Just recently, talented actress Taapsee Pannu slammed Air India for her poor travel experience. Now, one more Bollywood star has lashed out at Airline Company, this time she is popular singer Shreya Ghoshal.

Shreya Ghoshal is one of the finest and critically acclaimed singers in Bollywood. She has won seven Filmfare awards in her career. However, she seemed pretty miffed with Singapore Airlines. The singer took to Twitter to slam the airlines, which didn’t allow her to take a musical instrument on the flight. She tweeted,

“I guess @SingaporeAir does not want musicians or any body who has a precious instrument to fly with on this airline. Well. Thank you. Lesson learnt.”

Shreya was highly miffed for a valid reason but she took it as a lesson. This tweet from Shreya has gone viral and fans are coming out in huge number to support her. Fans are also lashing out at Singapore Airlines for their unexpected behavior. Look at some of the reactions:











Singapore Airlines also responded to Shreya’s Tweet and expressed their regret. The airline also asked Shreya to give details on what the airline staff told her.

We don’t have full knowledge of this incident, but it is safe to say that Singapore Airlines has definitely lost some customers.

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