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Funny Mistakes found in John Abraham and Varun Dhawan starrer ‘Dishoom’

Recently released movie ‘Dishoom’ starring John Abraham and Varun Dhawan, directed by Varun Dhawan’s brother Rohit Dhawan produced by Sajid Nadiawala and Sunil A Lulla has some silly mistakes that’s making the viewers ‘LOL’. Here is the list of the mistakes from the movie.

Mistake 1:


For a passport none would go for a photograph sideways instead they would look straight. And one making a fake passport would never ever go for a sideways pic to get caught unless a moron is creating the passport in the land of madness.

Mistake 2:

Screenshot_20160731-004728 Screenshot_20160730-123054

In the first picture when Akshay splashed water it seems like Varun Dhawan and John Abraham are close to Askhay and are at a striking distance of the spilled water but actually Varun and John are at the red colored arrow and they enter the pool where Akshay is from the point.

Mistake 3:


After getting arrested all that belongs to Ishika would be confiscated by the police in the movie but somehow out of nowhere a pic stated to be that of Ishika’s mother pops out on the screen with Ishika holding it in her hands.


Mistake 4:

Screenshot_20160730-121102 Screenshot_20160730-121050

  The Boy in the 1st pic shouts Viraj but when the camera points out at Viraj, he is still in glare and is pretty much unrecognizable making it difficult for a man with normal sight to look at. Has to admit this boy has great eye sight, should have been on the flight to Rio as contender from India for Olympics.


Mistake 5:

 Screenshot_20160730-123447 Screenshot_20160730-123427 

In the first picture Jacqueline is faint and her shoulder is on the white line but in the second picture it looks like her knees are on the line, this could be a case of sleep walk!


Mistake 6:

Screenshot_20160730-125814 Screenshot_20160730-125837

When Jacqueline is interrogated there is a jacket on her,

When Junaid takes her out there is no Jacket probably she must have left it on the interrogation chair,


Now when she returns with Varun Dhawan after Rahul Dev is killed in the movie the jacket is on, that is very spectacular.


Mistake 7:

Screenshot_20160731-220938 Screenshot_20160731-220743

  In the first pic one could see the chains attached to the door, but in the second pic when they come out of the door there are no more chains, might be they are some sort of picture soluble chains.

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