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Finally Kollywood Has Found The Technique Of Sanskari Kissing For Celluloid!


Kissing scenes in the Indian movies are always dealt with precautions that the audience don’t get corrupt after seeing them. Over the years, we have witnessed that the kissing scenes in the movies took place behind the trees or by brushing flower. This is the old technique to make the audience realise that there is love-making is happening behind the trees.


In today’s time the audience perspective over the kissing scene has changed radically and even the makers infuse a lot many kissing scene to lure the audience. Thanks to Serial Kisser Emraan Hashmi and Beautiful Mallika Sherawat.


Still, in the movies kissing scenes are often remain time bound and if the directors cross the limit of the kissing scene then the censor take the rights to cut it out from the film. Even several kissing scene in the Hollywood film ‘Spectre’ were cut down by the Indian Censor Board.


In this scenario, the director always remain conscious whenever he shots for a love making scene or a kissing scene for a movie. Though, kissing scenes are now common in the movies but still it is not consider right as per the Censor point of view.

In between all these kissing issues, the Kollywood Film Industry has come up with a Sankari Way of Kissing technique for their movies. As there is a famous proverb which says, ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’ and in this case it is actually seems true.


Look at this kissing scene. You will believe that the lead actors are actually kissing, but in reality they are not kissing each other.

Look at this Sanskari Technique of Kissing in the Kollywood Film From Behind The Scene:


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