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A Fan Entered The Field To Touch Dhoni’s Feet, This Is How Dhoni Reacted!

IPL Season 11 is going strong. One of the teams, which enjoy a huge fan following is Chennai Super Kings. CSK is making a comeback after 2 years, which has sky-rocketed the anticipation of the fans. Fans are coming in large number to support CSK, wherever it plays. The team is also performing very well and currently holding top two berths in the point table.

Yesterday, CSK defeated Virat Kohli’s Royal Challenger Bangalore comfortably. While batting first, RCB was able to score just 127 runs in 20 overs, which was an easy chase for the host. As always, captain cool MS Dhoni came all guns blazing to take their team home.

MS Dhoni is one of the most popular cricketers in the world. People in India treat him like a God, such is the craze among fans. The fans could go to any length to make their dreams come true. Earlier, during KKR Vs CSK match, a fan breached the security to touch Dhoni’s feet. The video has been going viral on the social media for a very long time.

A similar kind of incident happened in the last match against RCB.  When CSK won the match, a fan entered the field and fell on Dhoni’s feet. Breaching all the security, he went straight to MSD. Dhoni’s reaction will make you respect him even more. He patted his back and move on.

Watch The Video:

It makes us feel proud, as Dhoni deserves everything he is getting. He has given so much to Indian Cricket. His calm and cool demeanour makes him great.

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