EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Salman Khan Hints At The Show Being Scripted And Tells Priyanka Jagga To Leave The Show!


 Bigg Boss 10 has been the master of all controversies and the most controversial reality show of all times. Recently, Priyanka Jagga got evicted from the show and rumours had it that she got evicted from Bigg Boss 10 due to medical reasons. Priyanka Jagga got evicted from Bigg Boss 10 due to her health getting deteriorated. 

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But later on, more reports started doing rounds that it was not Priyanka Jagga’s health but infact Salman Khan who told Priyanka Jagga to leave the show and go! Yes, this is absolutely true and now we have proof. During the shoot of Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan and Priyanka Jagga are seeing getting into a verbal spat. Things start to get heated and Priyanka is even seeing telling the “Tubelight” actor that she did not want to come back in the house and remain in the secret room,

Upon this, Bigg Boss 10 show host Salman Khan replied that she had an option to “deny” offer before even entering the secret room! Well, now this is an extremely major hint we can see here. What this states is that the contestants are given options of what they’d like to do and the Bigg Boss 10 housemates are been given scripts as well.

After this, Priyanka Jagga starts howling and yelling at Salman Khan. Priyanka is seeing telling Salman Khan that she doesn’t want to stay there and leave the show. This had left the superstar extremely angry and is seen telling Priyanka Jagga, “ye show aapke layak hai nahi, please leave my home” So yes, now it is clear that Salman Khan has evicted Priyanka Jagga openly on Bigg Boss 10

Watch the video below to know the truth:

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