Exclusive interview with Model Carla Dennis

[ There are distinct stories and myriad colors to each and every individual. These stories of inspiration, ambitions, dreams and passion enthrall me like everyone else. I feel behind every story of a model, actor or a celebrity there is a person who connects with us with their story. The first feature of “Girl Uninterrupted” with Ek explores the story of model Carla Dennis. I am sitting in the beautiful Toabh meeting room that has been elegantly designed with framed fashion stories of our models and magazines overlooking the mesmerizing city of Mumbai. I hold my warm cup of green tea glancing outside the window. It strikes 4 in my watch and a beautiful pristine looking model enters the room with her disarming gaze and enthralling smile. ]


There are very few individuals who can mesmerize you with their innate charm and elegant vibe. Carla is not only mesmerizing but also has a down to earth attitude that makes her so unique. She has a distinct laid-back beauty and elegant vibe that has made this South African model one of the most visible faces. She smiles throughout her interview and doesn’t let go of her water bottle that she sips after every question. As I stare at her bottle; she smiles again and says “I make it a point to drink a lot of water!”

She has a childlike charm when she speaks about her story of being discovered as a model.  “Anything can happen to anyone at any time” and the story of Carla’s modeling journey resonates with these words. “I never decided anything. I was in my final year of Law and went to watch the IPL where I was discovered and became a finalist for Miss Bollywood. I was scouted by the agency and came to India. You never know where life takes you and how you get discovered!” she smiles again.” 

What is striking about Carla is her appealing nonchalance about her popularity as a model. “I feel that modeling has made me down to earth and grounded. This industry has taught me to strike a right balance between being confident with myself and finding myself by being true to who I am”. It is the evident paradox of her profession which she feels is a choice that one makes; either to be fake or down to earth. She chooses the latter in life to be at peace with her own self.


When quizzed about her favorite modeling experience; Carla looked visibly excited and leaned forward to talk about her story! At this point; I couldn’t help but stop jotting down points and watch the beguiling joy that gripped her! I am already happy about featuring Carla for “Girl Uninterrupted” First diary after watching her speak with so much passion and enthusiasm about her work. “I had a brilliant experience shooting for Grazia photoshoot with my favorite photographer Tarun Vishwa who is also my mentor. I feel as a model it is encouraging to work with a brilliant team like the recent shoot for Grazia India; a brilliant amalgamation of talented stylists and makeup artists like Deepa Verma and Pallavi Kumar. The shoot is such a breath of relief for a model when the team is great!” she gushes. (check her enthralling Grazia Photoshoot) Followed by pictures

 “My fitness routine is an interesting blend of heavy weight training 5 or 6 times a week and kickboxing thrice a week coupled with high protein and low carb diet. You make a decision who you want to be every single day!” she signs off. As I bid her goodbye; I notice the empty bottle of 1-litre water next to Carla and decide that I still have to finish the half litre water that has been staring back at me on my desk! Now it is time to go back to my empty desk and throw away the packet of chips until next time I get inspired again on another “Girl Uninterrupted diaries with EK”


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