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Exclusive Is Diandra Soares pregnant

by Murtaza Rangwala

Every other day Bigg Boss house gives us a new controversy and gossip and this time it’s something unexpected about Diandra Soares. This has been rumoured that Diandra Soares is pregnant. Is it so?

According to gossip mills, from past couple of days she was taken to the doctor many times where she might be tested for pregnancy. This led to the rumour that she is pregnant as she was complaining of feeling weird and needs a check-up.

However, there is no surety and confirmation to the rumour. So we can believe it as a result of gossip only.

The interesting part is, as and when the reports get confirmed then what will be the decision of Bigg Boss for Diandra Soares?

This report gains weightage when we go into flashback of initimate moments that Gautam Gulati and Diandra Soares shared in the bathroom of Bigg Boss 8 without their microphones by their side.

If the gossip is true, what will be future of Bigg Boss 8 house?

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