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EXCLUSIVE: After being accused of cheating, Hrithik Roshan issues a clarification statement

It was reported yesterday that a cheating case was filled against Hrithik Roshan and 8 more people by a person appointed as stockist at a HRX store in Chennai! The person is named R Muralidharan, claims that Hrithik and others conspired to dupe him of Rs 21 lakhs. Here’s a clarification statement issued by the star himself in the matter!

The complaint had to issues mentioned. He alleged that the company did not supply the products regularly and even dissolved the marketing firm without his knowledge because of which the products became stagnated as there were no sales. Also claimed that he was not paid any money when he sent the products back to the accused.

Well, over such an accuse, here’s Hrithik Roshan giving it back with a legal official statement denying his or his company’s involvement in the said matter! The clarification statement read, “Hrithik Roshan and HRX Brand have no association with the matter in question in news. HRX Brand has been licensed to Global Fragrances for limited purposes. The license was terminated by HRX Brand because of defaults by Global. Neither Hrithik Roshan nor HRX Brand are responsible to Muralidharan, the complainant. Neither HRX Brand nor Hrithik Roshan were responsible in engaging Muralidharan, the Complainant, and are not liable for Global Fragrances’ actions”

Once the complaint was filed, a case under Section 420 of Indian Penal Code (IPC) which deals with cheating and dishonestly inducing delivery of property was filed against the actor and others at the Kodungaiyur police station in June.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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