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Entry of VIPs has lit a never ending fire in Bigg Boss 15 house

VIP’s entry has set a never-ending fire in the Bigg Boss 15 house and their domineering nature has also added to this dangerous fire. Tejasswi and Karan also plan to harass them immensely by stealing everything from the ‘VIP Room’ which is very important to them. On the other hand, Rakhi orders Pratik and Nishant to cook the food of their choice. They simply becomes completely deaf to her requests and tells the VIPs to eat whatever is prepared for them. This is not any restaurant.

Rashami also gets quite annoyed by this behavior and then starts shouting at Nishant and Pratik for being irresponsible. “Aapki yeh duty hai, toh aapko karni padegi! Muh uthaake aa gaye kitchen mein, zimmedaari leni nahi aati kya?”, She thunders at them.

She even threatens him with dire consequences. But Nishant just tells him that, “Jo karna hai kar lo! Bhaad mein gaye VIPs!” The game is still going on as Rashmi tells him, “Yeh shuruaat hai. Picture toh abhi baaki hai!” But Nishant has removed his picture by calling it a ‘flop’.

Non-VIPs finally have a chance to win prize money up to Rs 50 lakh by winning the ‘BB Games’. And there are many tasks in this tournament that will also witness a very long battle between non-VIPs and VIPs. The non-VIPs will run after their prize money, and then the VIPs will have to do everything in their power to stop them. And in one of the opening tasks, both teams have to collect more points to go one step further in the game.

Where Devoleena is also the ‘Operator’ for VIP. At the same time, Shamita is also in this role for non-VIPs. Ritesh also tries to steal the other team’s coin, but Umar pounces on him and both of them fall down. And then Rakhi, who is furious at Umar, pounces on Riteish for hurting him as well as others try to stop him a lot. Devoleena demands that Umar be disqualified as well, but Shamita tries to defend her. Devoleena stops the game as she continues to cry despite trying to reason with Shamita. “Yeh task poora radd hota hai toh Devoleena ke wajah se hoga!”

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