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Durex CONGRATS Salman Khan For His Ladki Mil Gayi Tweet ‘ , Got Trolled Mercilessly

Salman Khan is one superstar, who makes news for everything he does. The actor is currently enjoying the phenomenal success of Tiger Zinda Hai. However, he is headlining the news for his Tweet. Sultan actor is getting trolled mercilessly for his latest Tweet.

Recently, Salman Khan tweeted, “Mujhe ladki mil gayi (I have found the girl)”. The most confusing thing about the tweet that he didn’t clarify that it was for a movie or something else. Twitter is never going to leave such opportunity, they started taking this tweet in connection with his marriage.

This is what Salman Tweeted:

Twitter was flooded with response to Salman’s tweet. Many were saying that it would be for a movie. However, many were making fun of his private parts saying if his tiger is still alive or not.

The Condom brand Durex India also wish actor Salman Khan. Commenting on his tweet, Durex India rote, “Congrats 🙂”

However, Durex India’s Tweets added more fuel to the fire and people started trolling Salman Khan in the most epic way possible. Check out some of the selected Tweets:

Salman should have been a bit careful while tweeting. These tweets are not going to end soon.

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