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Deepika Says She Is Alia Bhatt’s Biggest Fan

Deepika confessed that she is Alia Bhatt’s biggest fan and she gave the proof as well.

Earlier we used to hear the cat fights between the actresses but the the trend has changed. It’s the new stereotype the actresses are becoming friendly with each other and they are loving each others work and praising it.

This has broken the earlier stereotypes in which none of the actress use to look into others work and used to have cat fights. But this generation has brought love along with it. Yes in an industry now the two actress can become besties too.

Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone are leaving no chance in praising each other from the bottom of their hearts.

Earlier after the release of the portrayal of Deepika being Queen from the movie Padmavati, Alia Bhatt quoted, “Deepika looks like a Queen [in the #Padmavati trailer. I told her that, & I know I can never look like her or act like that.

When Deepika came to know about it she tweeted, “My Aloo…you make NO SENSE!I love you!!!❤ @aliaa08”.

Once again Deepika has praised Alia for her no make up look in Highway and told her she has lots and lots of caliber. In a heartfelt letter she wrote to Alia that she is her biggest fan.

“Dear Alia,

Highway mein tum bina makeup ki bhi khoobsurat lagi,

Lekin road par bitaye woh 52 mushkil din, kissi ko nazar nahi aaye,

Alia tum ho sabse chotti, par mehnat karne mein sabse badi.

Your biggest fan,


Such a lovely letter it is. What you all think about it?

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