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‘I have a crush on Sonali Raut,’ says Rahul Mahajan!

by Murtaza Rangwala

The wildcard entries on the latest season of Bigg Boss are going to continue as now Rahul Mahajan is all set to enter the house. Bigg Boss 8 already saw Ajaz Khan entering the house last week and now Rahul would be seen in the show as well.

Rahul was earlier seen on the show as a guest during the Bigg Boss 8 house party. When asked about his views he said, ‘I like everybody, but I do have an issue with Puneet Issar. I didn’t like the way he insulted Nigaar (Z Khan). I am going to advise Gautam to keep away from him.’

He also added that he has likes Sonali Raut and is looking forward to meeting her. “Sonali is very sweet, honest and courteous. She is being herself on the show. When I visited the house in December, we got along really well. I spent almost an hour with her, which unfortunately wasn’t aired,” he said.

“I have an ‘audiencewala’ crush on her. She is clean-hearted and isn’t playing any game,” he said.

He also said that he and his ex-wife Dimpy Ganguly have moved on and are comfortable in each other’s company. Let’s see how his stint at the Bigg Boss 8 house fares.

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