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The Conjuring 2 Has Set A New Record as It Crosses $300M Mark

Coming from the mind of James Wan, the horror film The Conjuring 2 made a lot of people to skip their heart beat a couple of times while watching. The movie franchise has made quite a name for itself and with the latest release, it is being confirmed that it is definitely here to stay.

maxresdefault (1)Giving a tough competition to the movies of same genre, many people are finding the franchise the worthy replacement of the iconic Saw series. The Conjuring 2 is making it high at the box office as the total collection done by the movie has made the well-known franchise as the one that has the highest grossing ever.


The movie has raked in about $300 million at worldwide box office and it has taken the #6 spot in the highest Hollywood earners. In the Indian market, the movie has made to the second rank as highest Hollywood film after The Jungle Book.


The first film of the franchise was The Conjuring collected $318 million and the second being a spinoff Annabelle $259.9 million and the third being The Conjuring 2 making up to $300 million worldwide. The Conjuring franchise is on the way of being the most successful horror franchise of all time and is on the 3rd spot as the highest grossing horror franchise.

New Line is working on another movie for the universe, it is possible that two movies of the franchise will be releasing next year. Annabelle 2 and the spinoff movie on the demonic character of The Conjuring 2 The Nun are in the pipelines.

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