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Congress Party Person Named Toilets After Rishi Kapoor


Bollywood Veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor seems like invited the protest from Congress Party Person with his targeted tweets on naming everything after Gandhi. Lately, few Congress Party workers from the youth wing have retorted their aggression for Rishi Kapoor in a unique way. They actually named a public toilet after Rishi Kapoor’s name.

This might come as a shock for the veteran actor, who recently posted an array of tweets targeting Congress Party. The ‘Kapoor & Sons’ actor has raised the questions on Congress party, by saying that they are naming every major place and things in India on the name of ‘Gandhi’. He even invited the twitter to give their view on the topic.

He didn’t spot there, he literally finds the whole data of India, where Places are being named on the name after ‘Gandhi’. This has made the Congress party in furious and this is what led to a protest against him. In Uttar Pradesh’s Allahabad city, the Youth Wing of Congress Party went on to extreme level to rename the Sulabh toilet after Rishi Kapoor name.


Take a look at the Rishi Kapoor Tweets which made the Congress Party members angry.



Now, we have to wait to see what Rishi Kapoor reply on this matter.

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