A Complete Transformation Of Priyanka Chopra Through 16 Years Magazine Covers

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra has been in the film Industry for nearly 15 years and has achieved a lot with sheer hard work and confidence. At recently, we have got hold over of PeeChee’s two different Femina Cover photos where she looks totally different that we couldn’t even recognize her.


Now you have seen it how Priyanka Chopra looks differently in both the photos. Now, we have ensemble a list of top 15 Cover Photos of Priyanka in the chronological years. You will see a lot of changes in her personality and charisma.

Here’s A List Of Priyanka Chopra’s 15 Cover Photos in Chronological order:

  1. Femina, 2000

 1-PC.It was Priyanka Chopra’s first magazine cover, very different from what she looks now!

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