Chandigarh Municipal Corporation Begins Imposing Rs 10,000 Fine For Littering On Streets

Littering implies improper disposal of trash. It can be candy wrappers, plastic bottles, chewed gum, cigarette butt and the list goes on. It can also be referred to as a thoughtless action done by an individual who is more of self centred doing only what is convenient for him or herself.

On 1st March, Chandigarh Municipal Corporation issued 45 challans of Rs 10,000 each, for littering.  40 more challans of Rs 5,000 to be paid if littering plastic in public is issued, the sanitation wing of the civic body said.

The civic body started to crack down on people littering streets of the city on April 1, 2019. “Most of the eating joint owners had stashed waste outside their building. Our sanitary inspectors were told that they should click pictures for their proof before handing out the challan.” said the Medical Officer of Health.

The municipal body wants to create awareness among citizens through this initiative, said: “Our aim is not to earn any revenue but to make people aware that they should not litter or stash garbage. People should understand the intention behind the challan drive.”




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