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Cars Of These Politicians Don ‘ t Have Registration Number Plates, Here Is Why

Politics is a tough business. Politicians are called the servants of nations, who are at a particular post to serve the nation in the best of their capabilities. However, it is also a well known fact that these politicians get lots of luxurious benefits once they take some prestigious post.  From high-level security to the house to travel facilities, they get everything. We all know about these things, however, today we are going to tell you which is pretty much unknown.

There are some politicians who use cars without any registration number plates. According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, everyone has to have a permanent and unique registration number plate for their vehicle, but some big politicians on certain post are exempted from this act.

You may have noticed that cars of some politicians like President Of India, Vice President of India, Ministry of External Affairs and Governors of all Indian states don’t use cars with unique registration numbers. Instead, their number plates have the sign of national emblem. Have you ever thought why these politicians don’t have a unique registration number? We are going to tell you.

The cars of the Ministry of External Affairs with a national emblem are used for transportation of foreign officials and dignitaries who are visiting India. Due to the security protocol, the cars don’t have numbers. However, President of India, Vice President of India and The Governors of all the states don’t have the registration numbers just because they have the privilege to do it.

However, if some reports have anything to go by, this rule is going to change pretty soon. The government of India has been doing some revamping on VIP culture, as they banned red beacons earlier. Now, it looks like they are going to make use of registration number plates compulsory for all.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been travelling on vehicles with number plates instead of the national emblem. We have to appreciate him for this change. We do love him for his simplicity and courage to bring change.

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