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Bollywood Scintillating Top 15 Actors Turned Into Rockstars Avatar

Bollywood actors have always defied the monotony on the screen. They have donned various avatars on the screen and some are so etched in our heart that we live by it every day.  Today we have brought out a list of actors who honed the Rockstar avatar in the movies. I am sure that you must be guessing them already.

Here the list of Top 15 Rock Star Movie Characters that made everyone groove on the Dance Floor:

  1. Ranbir Kapoor


You must not be guessing here about the movie Right! As we all know, Ranbir Kapoor did his best in a role of ‘Rockstar’. The movie was definitely a musical entertainer and change the career path to success for this Kapoor lad. By far this is one of the best Rockstar avatar portrayed on the Silver screen.

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