These Actresses Owe Their Bollywood Career To Salman Khan!

Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman Khan[not applicable for females of all ages!] is very well known for debuting many new talents in the Hindi film industry. From actresses, music composers, actors to star kids, this Khan of Bollywood has pushed many newcomers towards name and fame in the industry.


While many managed to paddle their career to a fruitful one, some faded away. He has helped many Bollywood aspirants by giving them a much-needed break into the industry, either by recommending them to famous film makers or by co-starring with them. There are many successful female actors today who got break into the film industry only because of Bhaijaan. Have a look at these 13 Bollywood actresses who owe their careers to Salman Khan.

  1. Katrina Kaif


There is a big reason why she tops this list. Born to an Indian father and British mother, Katrina Kaif kept travelling across countries due to her mother’s social work. She entered India as a model and did not know Hindi. Her debut movie, Boom-ed with doom at the theaters, and was an utter flop at the box office. Katrina was at crossroads, and it is at that time, Salman made an entry into her life. He recommended her for his brother’s production, and this added more fuel to the gossip mongers who were then talking about their growing relationship. Katrina was then cast with him in Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya? This was the turning point in the actress’s career. She had four hits in 2007 and many top endorsements up her sleeves. After an alleged love affair with Salman, which she ended years back and films that drove her to be the topmost heroine in the industry, Katrina has proven herself very well in the tinsel town of Bollywood. But we wonder, would anything have materialised without Salman? Now, she is with the most eligible bachelor and the handsome Kapoor boy – Ranbir Kapoor. What more would anyone have wanted? There is a big probability of her breaking millions of hearts next year, when she will take vows with her now boyfriend.

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