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BJP MP Thrashes BJP MLA In Uttar Pradesh As Cops Look On

Two lawmakers of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from Uttar Pradesh were involved in a fist fight, beating each other with shoes at an official event of the party.

In a bizarre video that is going viral on social media the argument between two BJP lawmakers from Uttar Pradesh escalated to such a level that one started hitting the other with a shoe.

The incident took place at a District Action Plan Committee meeting at the Sant Kabir Nagar Collectorate. A disagreement broke out between BJP MP Sharad Tripathi and BJP MLA Rakesh Singh Baghel. The matter escalated quickly with the two lawmakers getting into a brawl, thrashing and hurling abuses at each other. A police officer then intervened to stop the fight.

Watch the video here:

The two lawmakers were arguing over the placement of names on a foundation stone of a project.

The UP minister of technological and medical education Ashutosh Tandon, district panchayat head, DM as well as officials from different departments and members of the district panchayat.

When the present ministers and the police tried to mediate, they were paid no heed to.

“The meeting was underway when the brawl broke out between the BJP MP and MLA over some issue related to PWD. We could not even complete the meeting. This is highly condemnable. We were trying to discuss things about development, members and officers were also present,” an eyewitness told news agency ANI.

BJP President from Uttar Pradesh MN Pandey told news agency ANI: “We have taken cognizance of this condemnable incident and both have been summoned to Lucknow. Strict disciplinary action will be taken.”




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