Bikini Girl Seduces Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Om Swami, This Is What Happened Next?

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Swami is out of the house but he still makes sure to be on the first page of the news. At the latest, he was seen in the most awkward position where a bikini girl tries to seduce him in front of others. We really don’t know what is happening there? and whose brainchild was behind it? One thing is sure that Om Swami is enjoying the sultry dance moves.

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Om Swami entered the Bigg Boss house and created a havoc inside. He stirred the whole house and fought will almost everyone. He upset every contestant in the house and that what has led Salman Khan to threw him out of the house. Well even after his exit, he made sure to be in the news.

Whether it’s changing his clothes on one of the platforms in Delhi or molesting a woman in Rajpath on February 7, he always remains in the news. This time, he seems to have lost his mind and did something really unpredictable.
Take a look at this shocking video:
Yes, the Baba is in his typical avatar, trying to control his feelings by closing his eyes. Well, he is being seduced by a bikini girl. It is even heard that Om Swami told her to change her outfit in the second video. The girl is dancing on a Hindi song “Chal Sanyasi Mandir Mein”. Only one thing seems logical here, the apt choice of the song!

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