Bigg Boss 11: 3 Worst Performers of This Week! Anyone Your Favourite?

Sreyasi November 17, 2017

Big Boss 11 contestants are facing too many challenges to stay in the game and prove their capabilities. Every day, there are some of the other twist in the reality show. Just a few hours back, we have reported that Bandgi Kalra becoming the new captain of the house.

Well, it’s not that. There are also some more twists. Apart from the captain, there are 3 worst performances of the week that’s chosen and they have been sent to Kaal Kothari. Are you eager to know who they are? In tonight’s episode, you can see the insights and you’ll get to see how the show is turning into a way while deciding the 3 worst performers of Bigg Boss 11.

2 of the contestants are decided by Gharwale and the other has been decided by Bandgi Kalra, who has been the house’s new captain. Gharwale has chosen Akash Dadlani and Shilpa Shinde, while Bandgi selects Luv Tyagi.

These 3 contestants have been selected on the basis of their performances in BB Dino Park task. Take a look at the promo of the upcoming episode.

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