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Former BB10 Contestant Lokesh Kumari Goes Through Major Transformation, She Is Unrecognizable!

Bigg Boss is inarguably one of the most popular reality shows in the country. The highly controversial show never fails to amaze us and offers full-on entertainment. Superstar host Salman Khan is the heart of the show, but contestants are the one who gets a major boost after appearing on the show. Even commoners become a celebrity after appearing on the highly controversial reality show.

You may remember Lokesh Kumari, who was a commoner contestant in Bigg Boss 10. She was the chubby girl, who entertained us with her cute antics. She was never a Bigg Boss materials as she was cute and always nice to everyone. She was so lovely that even superstar host Salman Khan was impressed with her.

Even Bigg Boss 10 ended a long time back, Lokesh Kumari is still making headlines every now and then. She has worked very hard and loses lots of weight to achieve slim and trim figure. Her incredible transformation from fat to fit is truly inspirational.

We bring to you her picture during Bigg Boss 10 days.

Lokesh Kumari

You’ll be shocked to see the current picture of Lokesh Kumari, who is almost unrecognizable to anyone.

This Is How She Looks Now:











Truly inspiring! If you are looking to shed some weight, you should take inspiration from Lokesh Kumari. She has done extensive workout and achieves what everyone dreams of.

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