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Baba Ramdev Said Nehru And Modi Became PM Because They Did Yoga. Gets Badly Trolled

Riding high on the popularity of his products, Baba Ramdev said Patanjali will be the largest FMCG brand in the world by 2025. Ramdev is known as the India’s most popular Yoga guru currently and enjoys a huge personal following.

Baba Ramdev attracts controversies a lot of times and this has happened recently again. At the launch of his apparel store. Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Tuesday said yoga was instrumental in Jawaharlal Nehru and Narendra Modi becoming prime ministers. He promoted the Yoga by saying that people should do Yoga because it helps to remove stress and with the Raj Yog.

“Jawaharlal Nehru used to practise yoga and therefore his Raj-yog was good and he became prime minister. Indira Gandhi also practised yoga and she also had very good Raj-yog.

“Similarly, Modi practised yoga, and the son of a tea-seller became the prime minister. Yogi Adityanath did yoga and became the chief minister of the biggest state in the country,” he said.

Twitterati has found his statement hilarious and trolled him heavily on the microblogging site. Here’s how people reacted to his comments.

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