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Most Awaited Love Confession Finally Takes Place In Tere Sheher Mein


Step aside attraction and infatuation because LOVE is here and is knocking it’s way into Mantu’s  heart.


The fact that Amaya  is truly and deeply in love with Mantu  (Dhruv Bhandari) is known to our viewers but get ready to see the man she is in love with feel the same and the realization dawn upon him that he is in love with Amaya too.

In Star Plus Tere Sheher Mein produced by Director’s Kut viewers will get to see Mantu coming to know the hardships Amaya (Hiba Nawab)  had to go through, the pain and effort she was willing to put herself through to win the Amar Jodi contest.

Soon after it will dawn upon the man that he is in love with her. Viewers will get to see a beautiful dream sequence ala Bollywood style where Mantu will imagine seeing Aamaya everywhere.

Looks like Love is finally in the air for Mantu.

Triangle romance of Mantu, Amaya and Uma is obtaining interested day by day in Tere Shehar Mein.
Uma and Amaya stand still into a fight over Mantu.
Uma is attempting hard to stay Mantu far from Amaya whereas Amaya is trying to impress Mantu by doing different activities.
Amaya keeps quick for Mantu and conjointly participate in race to induce Mantu as her life partner.
Amaya confesses her feelings to Mantu
It will currently be seen that Uma and Amaya drink some soft drug throughout the pooja.
Amaya happily dance with Mantu beneath affection of bhang however interrupted by Uma.
Amaya confesses Mantu that she loves him however it’s not clear as Mantu hears her confession or not.
Apart from Mantu and Amaya, rama and Rachita’s story is additionally happening wherever rama is attempting onerous to develop some softness in Rachita’s onerous for him.

Let’s see if each Amaya and rama get successful to induce their love.

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