Amazing female makeup transformation

Amazing female makeup transformation

Today girls love Makeup he wants to look like a beauty so they do makeup and makeup convert into a beauty girl.Most girls love eye makeup.If you want to get a beauty tips for makeup or  female makeup transformation you learn the tips of eye makeup or  country girls change you naturally into a good looking beautiful girl or everyone love learn makeup tips with step by step lesson on applying makeup.

3 Step to do eye makeup

1. Start with a clean slate.

2. Even out the skin tone around your eyes.

3. Apply Eyeshadow.

Girls after makeup transfer into a beauty girl. Country girls like country makeup.

5 Step to do country girls makeup

1. Prep with primer.

2. Chose a silicone based foundation.

3. Apply cream on your face.

4. Use a waterproof product.

5. Mind your lashes.

Now you are ready to go for a party or in a function. I hope everyone like your makeup.